During year 2022, the global shipping industry continued to undergo a mode of constant re-shape mostly due to geo-political sanctions, global economic challenges, energy transition, decarbonisation trends and technological advancements. Consistent with our solid corporate culture and direction for continued progress, year 2022 marked itself as another succeeding year where INSB Class captured strong operating performance, factual quality results and growing trustability.


AS AN INTERNATIONAL PROVIDER OF SHIP CLASSIFICATION SERVICES, our ambition for expanding reach and preference and therefore raising more confidence within the maritime stakeholders and operators, remained constant. So was our commitment in 2022, in which we stayed relevant, close to technological advancements, taking an active role in the broader efforts of our industry for safety evolution and environmental progress, through empowered service scheme as well as synergies and cooperation.

Throughout the year under review, we continued to deliver on our mission and strategic direction priorities by leveraging our expertise and adaptability to a changing environment. This resulted in overall sustained activity progress and favourable performance results in the Shipping, Yachting, and Offshore domains.

By providing customised technical solutions, we enabled our clients to confidently navigate complex regulatory landscapes. Our surveying and certification activity increased across our core business areas by supporting raising demand for INSB Class services in a variety of markets. Meanwhile, during the course of the year, the delivery of decarbonisation services to support environmental compliance and safety for our certified fleet, recorded an anticipated increase.  

Empowerment of dialogue and collaboration with Flag States evolved further, which resulted by end 2022 in having INSB Class listed as a Recognised Organisation (RO) by 40 Maritime Authorities and Ship Registers.

INSB Class is committed to enhancing global ship safety regulations and performance standards. As part of this commitment, we place a continued focus on capturing and maintaining sustainable quality performance in key Port State Control regions, worldwide. Our continued safety focus and vigilance over our corporate Port State Control performance resulted in reflecting INSB Class amongst the high performing organisations within the most active PSC regions of Paris MoU, Black Sea MoU and the Tokyo MoU.

In the digitalisation front, our new integrated platform under way will advance our digital capabilities and provide for broader, more user friendly and cohesive service experience, inclusive of e-certification, e-survey assignment and reporting as well as new digitalised file depositary.

Year 2022 marked itself as another succeeding year where INSB Class captured strong operating performance, factual quality results and growing trustability .

HIGHLIGHTING THE COLLABORATIVE NATURE OF PROGRESS MADE, INSB Class continued to foster an internal culture of collaboration in which all of our members worked collaboratively to achieve shared goals and objectives. Our collective efforts and unwavering dedication have not only enabled INSB Class to weather the turbulence of a rapidly evolving maritime world, but we have also consistently demonstrated resilience, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to sustained progress and performance results throughout the past year.

Our current strategy must acknowledge the fluidity of the external environment and be adaptable to shifting circumstances. In order to accomplish favourable outcomes, it is vital to align ourselves with both external and internal conditions. Decarbonization, digitalization, technological advancements in ships, and regulatory compliance for safety and security are among the crucial areas that require constant focus. These factors will continue to influence the maritime world in the future.

Decarbonization, digitalization, ship technology, and safety and security regulations require our ongoing attention. These factors will continue to shape the maritime world.

AS AN ORGANIZATION, WE ARE COMMITTED TO A FORWARD-THINKING AND AMBITIOUS STRATEGIC DIRECTION. We understand that there may be constraints and uncertainties along the way, which could impact the implementation of scheduled initiatives or the introduction of novel elements. It is essential for us to acknowledge these potential challenges and plan accordingly, ensuring the timely availability of the necessary resources. By remaining agile, adaptable, and proactive, we forge a path toward a sustainable, technologically advanced, and compliant future for our organization and the maritime industry as a whole, addressing these critical issues, driving positive change, and solidifying our standing as a trusted, reputable and knowledgeable partner for safety, security and environmental protection.


Pantelis Chinakis Glaras

President and Managing Director